Sessions with Genny and Michelle

Dmitri Raskolnikov, a Russian billionaire living in Bangkok, is making plans to visit his mistress, Michelle, in Las Vegas. Dmitri made his fortune smuggling weapons into small African countries. He is Michelle’s Sugar Daddy. He is not a nice guy, personally or professionally. As a businessman he tends to bury the competition. Literally.
At the same time Tony Erickson, a forty-year old divorcee from Minnesota, flies to Las Vegas to attend an electronics show in early January. He stops by a booth selling iPad covers where he meets Genny. They get along great. After chatting Tony leaves for a technical session. He daydreams about Genny throughout the session and misses the good stuff.
Tony returns to the iPad cover booth. Genny is nowhere to be found. He’s told she works for an escort agency, Vegas By Night. Tony calls VBN. Instead of Genny they send her older sister, Michelle, to his hotel room for a ,000 encounter. Despite the mix-up, Tony and Michelle share a torrid sexual session, described in graphic detail. Afterward Michelle reluctantly gives Tony Genny’s phone number. The next morning Tony calls Genny. After lunch they go to a nearby motel where they enjoy an even more torrid sexual session, described in lurid detail. Tony is torn between two sisters, both highly skilled and incredibly insatiable lovers.
The sexual romps between Genny and Tony increase in erotic intensity. Tony valiantly soldiers on but in the end he is whipped both literally and figuratively by his carnal marathon with Genny. At last Tony finds himself sexually exhausted and spiritually depleted. Meanwhile Tony and Michelle develop a genuine fondness for each other that turns to love. When she finds out, Genny erupts in a jealous rage and hatches a plot to permanently dispose of both Michelle and Tony by means of Murder-By-Dmitri. The book closes with a clutch of dark surprises.

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