Crosby’s Turkey Grove

Three hundred years after a Timucuan Indian planted the Turkey Grove, Will Crosby was born poor in Bradford County, Florida. Even at an early age, he had a dream of growing citrus.

This novel tells the story of his struggles as a young boy in the 1800s and how he dealt with the tragedy of his first marriage to pursue his dream of becoming a citrus grower in Citra, Florida.

The story continues with his second family and the strange circumstances that provided opportunities to satisfy his dreams. Somehow he felt a connection to the Indian in the first book of this series, “Turkey Grove,” as he protected the burial site and left the Turkey Grove in its original form, but turned it into a productive grove.

An important backdrop to the story is the land. The rich hammock land, protected from the cold by Orange Lake, grew abundant crops of vegetables and citrus. The town of Citra experienced booms and busts – more than once.

This is a story of a man, his drive and his ambitions. It is a compelling story that will bring tears and smiles.